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by Steves J. Bryan

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Attitude 02:51
Drive Fast 02:30
Fly Away 04:19
Superstar 03:37
Intro Yohann what’s up man? My killing machine… (It’s The Sniper kid) You sick for this one. (Laughs) high mind entertainment Evolution studios baby… u get a high mind evolution (laughs) Verse 1 I got the flavor of the hood; yo call me the hot sauce My bag’s full of surprise but, i ain’t Santa Clause See I stay dope boy fresher than anyone on the block I move that work boy faster than any gun sending shots Ey yo my back packs full of meal my money my interest I’m down black, for any deal for dollar I’m restless I’m making major moves; still money getting and bawling Supplying the whole hood I could sell rocks to the mountains See it’s rather u get paid or get laid by misery Homie I stay straight and get weight; get my salary That’s why I walk whit it and keep my work in it I got my back my business... They wonder if I sleep whit it Laptop I pod PSP candies and condoms Pen and pad books toothbrush it’s kinda like my home son. So I roll whit my bag in the school of the streets I got them home work ready to trade them for something to eat Chorus I got my work in my bag work, work in my bag,(Hustler) work in my bag work, work in my bag (Dope Boys) Work in my bag work, work in my bag (Hustler) I work work wa work and get my cash(Dope boys) X 2 Verse 2 Ok my minds on my money and my money on my mind They say time is money so I work money whit my time My seconds are dollars my minutes is business My hustles are hour everyday I work to get this See its strong weeks of calculating and stacking chips Hard months analyzing investing and tacking risks My years are enterprises, player like a brain I’m getting mind (mines) And when it comes for vacation (BAWLIN) I’m flying high I’m making it happen I’m bout my paper; success for me is mandatory Keep my eyes on the business, minding my business, my bag is full homie. I got the block on lock I’m the locksmith I sell you keys I’m the fly cat I got hood rats after my cheese. My brains the motor my mind’s the engine So I let the wheels of my action spin on the road of fortune And I’m getting it and I ain’t getting tired If my traffic fuck up man im just switching tires. Chorus x2 Verse 3 They say time is money, so pay attention Be wise and observe, this game is full of the tension Put your work in your bag see life is life a school God’s the principal follow the principles don’t brake the rules And get your money right, if not player you wrong, If you aint here for dough u better sit your ass home. And See my money longer than John, it aint silver its platinum And my work pops like grease no wonder my pockets getting fat son Plus my bag Carry Cannons like Mariah and Nick And Feens can’t divorce whit my product; They’re like Pinket and Smith. And I’m physically fit lyrically sick my flows cold, I spit blizzard like I recorded in North Pole I got that fire… dam sure I move my work When my shit hit the block it makes more noise than a firework Plus my bag clean man, I keep my hands out of dirt My brain is the bag that be holding all the work Chorus I got my work in my bag work, work in my bag,(Hustler) work in my bag work, work in my bag (Dope Boys) Work in my bag work, work in my bag (Hustler) I work work wa work and get my cash DOPEBOYS… HUSTLER… DOPEBOYS… HUSTLER… DOPEBOYS…
Samamagish 03:19
Iyup iyup iyup Gdolf on the beat I pray the lord the only lord I am your son oh bless me lord Get your own (x3) - Samamagish Get your own (x3) - Samamagish [Verse 1] I love it when they play this shit soon as the dj drops this shit A lot of pretty girls come through and start to shake man i just feel this shit Makes me feel like I’m the ruler you the Muller I’m the tutor I smell none but you smell tuna - ew samamagish A lot of y’all are just afraid to be yourself and go get paid So copy me man its OK I’m making all the noise around They play my joints your girl goes down Somebody please bring me my crown and watch me tear it down Ew samamagish [Chorus] Ohhh ohohhh ohh oh oh Anou chante Ohh ohhh ohhh woo oh ohh Siw pa konn chante just fè Ouwoy en raboday Ouwoy apa nap rele Ouwoy nou gele gen ve ki modenn Ouwoy tout dj lagel Ouwoy Rete rete Ouwoy rete rete Ouwoy oh oh Ew samamagish [Verse 2] Stop this shit man, y you lying? You barely moving you say you flying Clearly to the world you a waste of time (x3) I'm training with Yoda, while he be dancing to beat He said Keep your mind bright you must life with the force is so sweet And my fans be like: is this even hip hop, I don’t know but when this shit drops I shake it none stop> Oh now don’t you doubt it I got what it takes to make it You samamagish now get your own You can do it all alone Ew samamagish Last year I made y’all gouying This year I’ll keep on going way above your mind Inviting words to play around while dancing Haiti is the place be at be at Chill-ax and get some Bi-ere Bi-ere Show some love where we at we at Samamagish [Chorus] Fèl konsa get your own fel get your own (x2) [Verse 3] I should recruit a tone of kids and order a bunch of atomic guns And when a group makes a song and tell you to slap each other y’all go crazy like its fun Claim you don’t understand But you were the first one to download akon little Wayne And any Other rapper I’m twice as good as You don’t wanna play my songs like it’s your wife well I guess your faithful You hypocrite samamagishes I wish its not last time your gonna play this I'm made for this shit don’t hate yourself its only gonna kill you selfish Samamagish Get your own x6
Inside 03:44
Yeah!!! And this is Steves J.... Ay Ay ... unh hunh Unh hunhh unh hunh Unh hunhhhhh ouarrrg [Verse 1] It's living all around us why you hiding it Oh ho (owou owou oh oh) The Deeper that I go I keep on raising it Ohooo (owou owou oh oh) My one and only passion is reviving it Mm hmm (owou owou oh oh) Love is natural baby stop fighting it oh oooh (owou owou oh oh) [Chorus] It's inside Feel the vibe (x4) (Do it do it now do it do it right give it to me baby give it to me baby) [Verse 2] Your body's speaking and your eyes are whispering it Ohooh (owou owou oh oh) Whatever the question my caress will be answering it Ohooh (owou owou oh oh) Your pleasure is my treasure And my treasure has no measure hah, Girl I ain’t gonna lie, but you gon lie it’s the truth of our lives [Chorus] It's inside Feel the vibe (x4) (Do it do it now do it do it right give it to me baby give it to me baby) [Verse 3] Where ever I go I got your spirit living in my body man I’m psycho Touching you became a hobby kissing you became my light bulb And it's my fault but I swear it made me happy, your Smile is a morning and the love that I’m giving is forever gonna be The sun that's shining every time we sex it reflects The waves of the sea hitting the rocks, flowers grow The moon shines, your volcano explodes. And soon we climb to the top of the waterfall and fall back in love I make you bend over, Turn your back and love the power of the muscle that pounds your love one hit and we reach above You bite and scratch I pull your hair and smack, Animosity a little bit of Hate For the time you’ve made me wait in fact I make you come alive Together we found the light and it was all inside [Chorus] It's inside Feel the vibe (x4) (Do it do it now do it do it right give it to me baby give it to me baby)
Rough 03:11


released September 24, 2015

High Mind Entertainment


all rights reserved



Steves J. Bryan Oakland Park, Florida

Rapper/actor/journalist/tvhost entrepreneur I love life and it loves me 4 booking booking@stevesjbryan.com

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